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Black death

All for some years the plague has carried away at least a quarter of the population of Europe. Endured impetuous revelry "ОхЁэющ ёьхЁ=ш" it seemed that there has come a doomsday.

This dreadful disease nicknamed in those days "-хышъшь ьюЁюь" or "ОхЁэющ ёьхЁ=і¦" devastated Europe, spreading panic in the hearts of the live. Rescue from it were not. At first the intolerable headache fell upon the person, feverish heat was replaced by a fever. On a body the patient had in due course large tumours filled with pus. These "сѕсюэ№" were blown up under mice, on a neck and in a groin. First hardly pink, they gradually flushed and blackened, expanding till the sizes of an orange. Sufferings of the patient came to an end with painful death more often.

Occurrence in Europe

Black death the First case of disease in Europe is noted in October, 1347 when 12 Italian ships which have come back from swimming to Black sea, have moored in the Sicilian port Messina. On decks vpovalku sailors and the passengers died or dying "ю= morovoj of an ulcer, pronikshej to most ъюё=хщ".


Usual ship rats were epidemic Reason. The ships transported onboard not only people, but also rats. When vessels arrived to destination, ship rats mixed up with the local relatives. Having typed by the fleas infected with a plague bacterium, rats transferred them back on the ship, and those, eating blood of the new owners, infected with their plague. When rats-owners started to die, fleas found for themselves a new source of blood - people. Eating blood of ship sailors, they infected with a plague and them. When the ships have come to Messina, rats have got over on coast, having taken with itself and killing fleas.

Common graves

Such set died Of a plague to the people that for corpses it was necessary to dig huge common graves. However, they too were quickly overflowed, and bodies of many victims and remained to decay there where they were found by death.

Black death As believe, the plague has appeared for the first time in Central Asia in 1330th years. Therefrom epidemic has extended on the east (China and India) and on the West where, before to get to Europe, has fallen upon the Near East and the North Africa. Some regions, for example Scandinavia, almost have completely become deserted. The Norwegian settlement in Greenland has died out to a man. Rich men and poor men, young and old - the death mowed all. Death rate among the priests who were spending much time with the dying was especially high. At the same time separate territories - for example, the Italian city of Milan - have got off with only small victims.

Nobody knew an original aetiology, therefore there was no representation and how it to treat. Doctors tried to apply the most freakish means. The structure of one such medicine included a mix from treacle of 10-year-old endurance, small chopped up snakes, wine and other 60 components. According to other method, the patient should sleep at first on right to a side, and then on the left. To sense from such treatment, by itself, was not. Many addressed for the help to religion. Many tried to run from plague cities, others were tightly locked in the houses. Were also such who in the face of inevitable death tried to spend time at last in amusements.

Most of all riddles generated unpredictability of a plague. Why in one city the tenth part of the population, and in other - a good few died only? Now we know that at the same time people were mown by three various shtamma plague (type). The bubonnaja plague met most often, but other two kinds differed bolshej ferocity. The pulmonary plague developed at penetration of microbes into lungs. The Air-drop way it promptly extended on all district, killing quickly and ruthlessly.

If after a sting of the infected flea the plague bacterium got at once to blood system, the death came after few hours (the initially-septic form). Time and again happened that the victim went to bed, without suspecting about illness, and did not live till the morning.

the Plague comes back

the Plague comes back By 1351 a plague has swept on all continent. Under the statement of medieval historian Fruassara, the third part of the population of a planet was lost. This estimation is confirmed also with the newest researches. In Europe the quarter of all population has died out at least.

"ОхЁэр  ёьхЁ=і" passed, but illness remained. It came back still in 1361, 1369, and after frequent enough navedyvalas to Europe up to the end of XV century. Further breaks between epidemics all became more long. In England last large flash of a plague has occurred in 1665, having carried away about 100 000 lives.

The Plague and goes today all over the world. In the end of XIX century it has again flashed in Asia (in one only India has died 6 million persons). And more recently - in 1995 - it has struck the next blow in India.