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Crete and Aegean sea

the Most ancient civilisation of Europe has arisen in East Mediterranean, on island Crete. When its power has tended to a decline, to it on change the first people speaking in a Greek way in this part of the world - "ьэюуючыр=№х" have come; mikentsy.

Crete is located on southern suburb of the Aegean sea covered with islands which was stretched between coast of two modern states - Greece and Turkey. Development of original culture of Crete, obviously, was promoted by communications with Asia Minor (Turkey) and to a lesser degree - with Egypt. Approximately by 1560 BC on island magnificent palaces and the large blossoming cities which well-being, most likely, was based on universal cultivation of olives and grapes, and also on vigorous trade with all earths of East Mediterranean already flaunted.

Greatness of Crete remained in memory of Greeks many centuries later, but the history of this civilisation is shrouded by legends. Most known of them narrates about how the Greek Athenes sent every year the young man and girls in a tribute I reign Crete Minosu who sacrificed to their terrible semiperson, a semibull to a Minotaur living in bowels of a labyrinth. But the Athenian hero Tesej has killed a monster and has managed to get out of a labyrinth.

Thanks to this legend the civilisation of Crete has received the name "ьшэющёъющ" by name of tsar Minosa.

Peaceful minojtsy

Crete and Aegean sea Judging by colourful wall lists of a palace, minojskoe the society conducted marvellously, the careless, coddled way of life, spending time in every possible amusements. Kritjane were the peaceful people or, at least, felt in perfect security for their palaces and cities had no strengthenings, and soldiers did not carry an armour.

Palaces represented extensive and difficult on a lay-out complexes of premises. Knoss was largest of them, the residence of the tsar or the governor of island, but almost so impressively looked palaces of Mallii, Festa and Agii of the Triad. In palaces and cities the waterpipe and water drain system operated.

About 1750 BC island palaces have failed under blow of pernicious accident, most likely, earthquakes. The Minojsky culture has stood, and all has been built up anew with even big magnificence.

But somewhere after 1650 BC the power peak minojskoj civilisations remained behind. She could not recover after new accident any more, burst about 1450 BC Most likely, it was huge eruption of a volcano with a huge crater of all in 110 km from Crete, and it has been devastated by a huge tidal wave. Echoes of this earthquake have swept across all East Mediterranean.

Crete and Aegean sea Palaces and have not been restored, and after some generations minojskaja the civilisation has died away. Since then we were reached by set of the clay tablets covered with signs, similar to the early form of the Greek letter. Therefore it is possible to assume that by then Crete was already obedient intruded with continental Greece ahejtsami or mikentsami.

Ahejtsy were the tribe of the barbarians which have come to Greece from the north approximately at the same time when development of the Kritsky civilisation has begun. Tall bearded ahejtsy considerably differed appearance from gladkovybrityh low kritjan. It were the aggressive people, able to battle on fighting chariots (unknown persons on Crete) and building fortified cities. In each city especially strengthened citadel, or an acropolis was erected.

Multigolden barbarians

The Majority of these cities was on the extensive peninsula Peloponnese which is a part of continental Greece. the Mycenae which has entered into poetry and legends with an epithet "ьэюуючыр=№х" used the Greatest influence; and were capital of the Supreme tsar ahejtsev. Therefore the term "ьшъхэёъшщ" it is accepted to designate both ahejtsev, and in II millenium BC By 1600 BC Mycenaean cities have reached the way of life established by them of blossoming and developed own culture which was strongly influenced at the beginning minojtsev.
Mikentsy were settled on the majority of islands of Aegean sea and with decline of Crete have established favourable commercial relations in all East Mediterranean. For some time Mycenae has found the status of the great power capable as equals to talk to Hettsky empire and Egypt.

Crete and Aegean sea In XIII century BC have appeared decline first signs. The long-term siege of Troy, completely exhausted resources of Mycenae could be one of its reasons. In XII century BC the main centers of Mycenaean culture have undergone to destruction.

Intrusion of a new Greek tribe concerns number of the possible reasons of wreck of a Mycenaean civilisation - dorijtsev also. Though ahejtsy in due course have peacefully got on with dorijtsami and have merged in the uniform people, initial shocks were nevertheless serious enough to cause considerable migration ahejtsev to Ionia.

By XI century BC writing has been absolutely lost, works of art have disappeared also. One for another Greece was devastated by the accidents which for a long time have shipped it in abyss of Dark centuries.