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Lankastery and Jorki

XV century in England was full of violence. The civil war known under the name of war of the Scarlet and White Rose became the culmination of feudal conflicts and struggle for a throne. And only after its termination in the country stability was established.

In XV century the English monarchy was too weak to keep under the control of large feudal lords. This problem became and at all unsoluble after overthrow in 1399 of Richard II and accession to Henry's IV throne, the first king from a dynasty Lankasterov.

Fatal blow

Lankastery and Jorki His son, king Henry V, was the rigid military leader who managed to keep the power over notable "ётхЁ§ьюуѕЁхё=тхээ№ьш трёёрырьш" having moved their aggressive war to France. But Henry's early death has shaken a monarchy as to his son Henry VI was at that point in time only nine months. In council which corrected from his name, the leading role was played by the grandees plundering treasury, uniting in conflicting groupings that did impossible law and order maintenance. In 1437 Henry has reached majority and began to operate the country, but a little that has changed it, since. The kind and pious king first favourites, and then its quick-tempered and obstinate spouse Margarita Anzhujskaja easily manipulated. To the middle of century the situation has reached explosive line. The majority of the nobility supported one of two conflicting groupings headed by Richard, the duke York, and the count Somerset,

The favourite of a royal couple, from here and names - Jorki and Lankastery. In the meantime lasting war with France generated one disappointments. Discontent accruing in the people with the termination "фюсЁюую яЁртыхэш " revolt under Jack Keda's leadership has poured out in flashed in a county Kent, to suppress which it was possible only with great difficulty. Civil strifes and the attacks of madness periodically seizing the king, have even more complicated a situation. Bloodshed has begun in 1455: adherents of two clans have converged in the open fight which has carried away a life the column of Somerset.

Lankastery and Jorki Despite the first victories jorkistov to the parties was possible to conclude an armistice that has only delayed the civil war called by war Scarlet (Lankasterov) White (Jorkov) of the Rose, till 1460 in fight at Nortgemptone Jorkam good luck again accompanied, and the king has been captured by them. And here Richard, the duke York, undertakes for a long time the counted step and declares that as Edward's grandson II it, instead of the usurper Lancaster, is the lawful king of England. As a result the agreement has been reached that Henry remains on a throne before the death then the throne will pass to

To Richard. Unlike Henry, queen Margarita was not going to be reconciled with such state of affairs as the arrangement deprived prestolonasledija of her son, prince Edward. At the head of an army typed in northern areas and the Wales, it has inflicted defeat over Richard Jorku at Wakefield and has released the husband from a captivity. York was lost during fight, and after its end all captured rebellious lords that has transformed war into a blood feud chain have been executed.

The 19-year-old son of the duke of York was not less ruthless after the victory at Mortimer-cross-country and, having entered into London, has there and then proclaimed itself king Edward IV. Then the march-throw on the north, and on March, 28th, 1461 in the fight which has occurred in a blizzard at Toutona in Jorkshire has followed, Edward has broken power Lankasterov.


Jorki have found the power, but fearless queen Margarita Anzhujskaja, having secured with the help of France and Scotland, does not stop military campaigns. As a result after shattering defeat at Hedzhli Moore and capture of king Henry (1465) it seemed that Lankasteram to hope any more on what.

However just during this moment there was a split among Jorkov. Most powerful of them, count Uorvik, have been offended by Edward's mismatch with Elizabeth Vudvill and the subsequent strengthening of influence of her family that, probably, was Edward's attempt to create the own union from the nobility which would counterbalance influence of Uorvika. After a number of concessions and changes of Uorvik has got over in camp of queen Margarita, and Edward had to run from the country. Henry - again the king, and behind his back, near to a throne - "фхыр=хыі ъюЁюыхщ" count Uorvik.

Lankastery and Jorki Lankastery which have won thanks to support of France, spent profrantsuzskuju foreign policy. The opponent of France the duke Burgundian equips the exiled of king Edward in a new campaign jorkistov. The destiny of a throne has been solved in two fights. In fight at Barnete proceeding in a dense fog, count Uorvik was lost, and in fight at Tjuksberi prince Edward, the unique descendant of king Henry and queen Margarita have been killed. As a result of gained Jorkami of victories the majority Lankasterov were killed in battle or have been executed. Even king Henry always remaining only conditional governor, has been executed in the London Tower. When in 1483 king Edward has suddenly died, to his elder son was only 12 years. The brother of Edward Richard Plantagenet appointed the regent, the duke Gloucester, has proclaimed itself king Richard III. Possibly, the truth is that fact that juvenile Edward and his brother was destroyed by order of Richard. Having taken advantage of excitements in the country, Henry Tjudor, columns Richmond, has landed in the native Wales and Lankasterov has declared the claims on a throne.

The Parties have converged in fight at Bosuorta in which course Richard has been betrayed and killed, and its army is crushed. Richmond became king Henry VII, and the dynasty Tjudorov could create the powerful national monarchic state in XVI century.